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Childhood Obesity: Action Needs To Be Taken

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As an advisor to the president's administration, I have noticed a problem that is beginning to get out of control. Many people overlook childhood obesity, but according to the National Association of Children's Hospitals, childhood obesity has tripled since 1980. This is a big problem that needs addressed immediately.There are many different ways of addressing this problem, but I believe it should start right at home. Parents who buy fatty snacks and aren't conscious about what they feed their children are just enabling this problem and keeping it going. So why do parents insist on buying these types of foods? Advertising plays a big part on what children want to eat. Children want the cereals with toys in them, or the snacks made into shapes of their favorite cartoons. I feel that we should make healthy foods more child friendly. This could be a very good start on lowering childhood obesity. For example, carrots could be cut into different shapes, or celery could be endorsed by a popular singer.Yes, it is easier ad cheaper to buy greasy and fatty foods than it is to buy fresh and healthy foods. Parents need to be wise when shopping for not only themselves, but for their children. Families with low income already have a disadvantage when it comes to being obese, but there are programs like welfare that can help pay for the cost of groceries. If you are getting this assistance, why would you purchase those unhealthy foods? Some people feel that you can purchase more fatty foods for a lower price than purchasing healthy foods. But honestly, by going that route you are just helping your child become part of the childhood obesity statistic.Another issue that needs to be addressed is the lack of physical activity. Kids don't play outside like they used to. Now, kids want to watch television, play on the computer, and play video games. What happened to hop-scotch, basketball, kickball, and playing at local parks? Children should be encouraged to go outside and play. According to John Reilly, who wrote, "Childhood Obesity: An Overview," obesity occurs when the number of calories consumed exceeds the number of calories burned. So for the child that eats junk food all day sitting on the couch playing video games, not very many calories are being burned.Another...

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