Childhood Obesity And Video Games Essay

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Inquiry Question: Is there a relationship between Childhood Obesity and video gaming and may be a factor in the epidemic?

This article is a discussion about the differences between children who play video games while sitting down and children who play physically interactive video games. It is a discussion that is initiated with the idea that increased sedentariness among children’s “screen time” (video games, television, time on computer) has become a global problem and perpetuates obesity among children around the world. The notion of this article is to compare children who play “active” video games to children who play sedentary video games and if highly-valued screened time can be coupled with “active” video-gaming. Testing on thirteen girls and fifteen boys with varied heights, weights, and ages, this article discusses the methods used and the overall results based on their hypothesis. The article ultimately suggests the possibility that the child gamers who played “active” video games have an increased, energy expenditure and are leaner than their counterparts.

This article by Levin and Rodriguez is a discussion that compares the sedentariness of television watching with the sedentariness of playing video games. While this research focused on girls as the subjects, it showed that playing video games was considered more of a displacement for physical activity in children than watching television. It also compared the subjects' BMI's and how lower BMI's maybe relative to children be more physically active. The article suggested that the previous is due to the fact that more time is spent playing video games than television watching which has led to more snacking on foods that have little to no nutritional value, high in calories, and allow children to become more susceptible to obesity. This belief is contrary to the studies that associate television with a sedentary lifestyle and weight gain. Ultimately, their findings showed that there was not a big difference between the leaner subjects and the heavier subjects and how their video game practices effected their BMI's over time.

This article questions the relativity of childhood obesity to childhood "screen time" much like the other cited...

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