Childhood Obesity In Saudi Arabia Essay

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Describe a challenge or opportunity associated with improving public health in a selected region of the world.

Childhood Obesity is one of the vastest challenges that faces the globe generally and Saudi Arabia specifically; obesity in children is an epidemic problem internationally that requires the collaboration of health care providers. The overweight children and adolescent’s number have multiplied in the last decades in the progressed countries where there is an apparent alteration in activities and nutritional lifestyles.

As per WHO (2012),an obvious comorbidities correlated with obesity as; elevated blood pressure, dyslipidemia, and diabetes type two, furthermore, there are ...view middle of the document...

Explain a plan for addressing the challenge or opportunity and how it will improve public health.
Obesity prevention approach should be applied to prevent the onset of the overweight by spending a few dollars on prevention and education to save millions from the treatment costs. WHO (2012), developed a strategy stated the rising prevalence of childhood obesity to monitor and evaluate the implementation, thus, a multidisciplinary team suggested establishing management and collaborative action by policy application and programs to promote helpful environments for health.

Diabetes and Obesity Center initiated to generate supportive environments, facilitate resource assembly, and address global environmental factors; likewise, working in a team can supply opportunities to face obesity by concentrating on individual-based action and population-based act to assist optimistic changes in diet and physical activity by integrating efforts of families, societies, and organizations to control the major risk factors.

According to Summerbell et al.(2009), tackling obesity in children requires prevention, which categorized as; early prevention that intends to keep normal Body Mass Index, next, the initial one that directs to prevent the overweight children from being obese, and finally, the consequent prevention that deals with the obese children to decrease comorbidities.
Thus, there is a suggested instruction to prevent childhood obesity during life development stages; initially, perinatal stage requires adequate healthy food to avoid excessive maternal weight, next, Infants should delay solid food, continue breast-feeding. Lastly, preschooler and scholar children demand to prepare healthy balanced snacks for school, measure weight regularly, and encourage exercise.
Identify the staffing needs required to execute your plan and justify the need for each team member.

As per Beaglehole and Poz (2003), a longstanding effort is today required to remodel the public health staff; this needs support from national and international organizations. If public health force was in an appropriate position to improve their effectiveness, this will lead to enhance the development of nationals’ health, accordingly, human resources are the main factor of the health system that require further attention from the leadership for their struggles to perform improving of health services.
Authority leaders needed to support the obesity prevention strategies by supporting the program plans and community-based interventions to direct the accomplishment of the prevention programs. Then the supervisor of Diabetes and Obesity Center is a Saudi health administrator with fifteen years’ experience responsible for setting the programs, maintain long-term motion and interacting with other health care facilities, his background, as a Saudi national, fostered his understanding of citizens’ behaviors and attitudes to take efficient decisions.
Additionally, the multidisciplinary team...

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