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Social issues in a hospital should always be taken care of because children are important in society. As a Child Life volunteer at the UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center, I see many children from birth to 21 years old and notice how the environment and medical equipment harm the behavior of small children. When a child comes to the playroom it is a chance for them to relax and enjoy their time making crafts. Unfortunately, most children come to the playroom stressed and are very anxious trying to figure out what will occur next. For this reason, having family members at the hospital, toys, and friendly staff will always make the children in our society happy and confident during their visit.
Family members who visit the hospital have impacted many children over the years. While I go around the rooms and write patients needs, I always write a note to myself if a child is alone. I keep my list handy, ask permission from my supervisor, gather activities, and visit each patient one by one in hope that I will put a smile on his or her face. Likewise, when a sibling of a patient is in the room I always encourage them to play as well. I have also experienced problems with family members. A volunteer shift changes every day and I have no control over who has helped a family member earlier. For this reason, families complain that they did not receive their particular needs for the day or have received nothing but an attitude from some volunteers. I apologize for the inconvenience, put the pressure on myself, and take care of the problems. At the end, I receive a genuine hug and thank you for my dedication. In order to help children in our

society, I believe that volunteers should be interviewed thoroughly before they begin their shift.
A little stuffed animal, action figures, Barbie dolls are a cure for any pediatric patient. The Mattel Children’s Hospital always donates toys to our patients, but there are times where the toy room does not have enough toys for volunteers to give away. A few months ago I noticed how many patients asked for stuffed animals and I decided to donate a huge bag of stuffed animals myself. Even though I had to write an application stating what I am giving away to the hospital, turn in the application, and wait for an approval, I knew that it would all be worth it at the end. Once the process was approved and...

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