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Children And Guns Essay

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In the Bill of Rights, the 2nd Amendment states that all citizens have the right to bear and keep arms. This right is inalienable and is deemed crucial to the protection of our citizens. However, gun laws do not allow minors to carry or use firearms. Children are corruptible and make actions based on emotions rather than logic. When a child has access to a gun, the result can be homicide or suicide. To ensure the safety of our society, children should not have easy access to weapons and steps should be taken to ensure that children cannot procure weapons.
A society in which children have access to guns is a society that will see much violence. In the United States, many children commonly carry guns. Gun use is rampant among children, as “Over 5% of high school students indicated that they carried a gun in the past month, and it is estimated that approximately one million children bring guns to school every year,” (AACAP 1). This is alarming because it means that many adolescents are in positions to injure others. These adolescents are also more likely to hurt themselves or others. “Research indicates that if a gun is stored in a home [with children], the risk of homicide increases threefold and the risk of suicide increases fivefold,” (AACAP 1). Unsurprisingly, children having access to guns results in an increased chance of violence, and, scarily, a large percentage of children have access to guns. Even more importantly, children who are at risk for suicide or violence are very likely to have access to weapons. According to a study, “of those at risk for suicide and who guns were in their home,… 15 percent knew how to access both the guns and the bullets,” (Fox 2). A large percentage of suicidal children have access to guns, resulting in many gun-related incidents. This explains why “the rate of firearm-related homicides for U.S. children younger than 15 years of age is nearly 16 times greater than the rates in 25 other industrialized countries combined,” (AACAP 1). The American children have a gun problem that needs to be controlled.
This gun problem can be solved by awareness by parents or legislative action. A removal of legal firearms will...

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