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Children And Healthy Behaviors For Their Well Being

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Get involved In healthy Education with Your Child
Parents and caregivers have a lot of influence in the children’s life because of their concern and responsibilities for their wellbeing. Parents play at specific role in preventing their children from eating unhealthy meals. Although, parents and caregivers can help promote a healthy life style by improving nutrition meals and snack and engage their children’s in physical activity.
A good meal is very important because it health children’s to grow and develop an awareness of healthy eating habits for life. Also, eating at home it helps children’s to have a good attitude because they are eating a well balance meal and at the same time prevents obesity. Meals prepare at home contains a lot of vegetable and fruits and they are usually not fried. Parents and teachers can be involved in the healthy education of their children. Parents and teachers can establish a daily schedule of meals and snack time because it provides the opportunity to learn from one another. Also, encourage children in learning about new food is very important but without forcing them to eat. Trying foods from other countries can help children’s in learn about a new culture. For example, Salvadorian and Mexican beans contain a lot of iron and fiber and are very important for every one health. Furthermore, caretakers and parents can improve their menu by providing more fruit, vegetables, fat-free dairy and whole grains in order to have a healthy life style.
Getting involved in any school or at home physical activity helps promote a healthy habit and reduce the risk of heart disease .Children can play on the playground and by going up and down the slice help’s weigh management. When my son was 3 years old, I felt that I need to do a physical activity with him and I started to walk with him around the neighborhood every morning. Also, when my son when to preschool he started learning how to play football and I found out that the teacher embrace him to keep trying new things. His personality became more confident and learns to communicate with other people better. Furthermore, many sports programs allow people to try a class for free, so a parent can see how the instructor interacts with the children. Finding a physical activity can lead children to a lifetime exercise.
My friend Juan found out that enrolling his son Charlie in karate help him to become more discipline and organize. For instance, Charlie didn’t listen to my friend and he use to run away from...

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