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Children who participate in sports are developing rapidly in sports skills, sportsmanship, and psychologically, but does this come from organized sports are just nature’s process. Children develop emotional and social benefits from participating in sports. Children experience character and leadership development through peer relations leading to an increase in self-esteem and a decrease in anxiety levels. Children will get opportunities to experience positive and negative emotions throughout their practice and games trials. It is important for the coach to understand the “psychology of youth sports and physical activity participation” (Weinberg & Gould, 2011 p.516).
The type of sport adolescents choose to participate in can be considered masculine, feminine, or neutral which causes stereotypes among peers. Society has set the stereotypes for competitive sports based on gender. According to Alley & Hick (2005), “despite legal and social changes, sexist ideology still pervades sport” (p.273). Sports are seen as masculine, male dominated, and males receive higher media coverage and pay than the majority of female sports. The gender stereotype is learned through socialization and “for certain sports appear to be learned by grade school” (Alley & Hicks, 2005. p. 274). Gender role conflicts may appear in some athlete depending on the sport(s) one chooses to participate in, but this can alter by demonstrating acceptance for the opposite gender in sports. It is important to indentifying the social effects of sports participation in both genders and how beneficial it can be to the adolescent. Through sports participation adolescents learn those gender roles are based on self-perception, and not social interactions.
Peer interactions develop and foster the adolescents understanding of social interaction and increase self-esteem. Sports provide an opportunity for peer interaction which develops social skill that “fosters social support, security, and self-esteem” (Findlay & Coplan, 2008, p. 153). Social play through organized sports gives the adolescent a means for physical activity thus, increasing self-esteem through appearance. By increasing the participation rate, the physical ability of the adolescent increasing once again provides an “opportunity to demonstrate these attributes” (Findlay & Coplan, 2008, p. 158). Sports participation increases the athlete’s self-esteem and well-being over their non-participant peers. The psychosocial benefits for adolescents through sports participation provide an advantage context for skills (physical and social), self-esteem, and anxiety reduction.
Theoretical practices of sportsmanship in sports provide adolescents with positive attitudes about fairness, honesty, and responsibility. Athletes learn to reflect these values of sportsmanship and apply it to their daily lives, once again providing positive psychosocial benefits to youth athletes. “From the perspective of sport psychology, the sphere of research...

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