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Children And Sports: The Advantages Are Endless

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Ebner 13Nathan EbnerMr. Powell Eng. 102Research Essay, final07/28/2014Children and Sports Participation: The advantages are endlessWhen children are growing up, there are many different things that are vital to their development. Whether that is beginning how to read and write, or learning right from wrong, there are things that children must learn. On top of these necessities, there are other core skills that as children grow older they will need to acquire. Some of those skills include compassion, dedication, honesty, patience, respect, and tolerance. Learning these skills at a young age can be helpful to children, and can also be very beneficial to them later in life. While learning all these new skills, children also need to get enough daily physical activity in order to stay healthy. Eating right and taking in enough fruits and vegetables will also benefit children's health. A great way for children to learn many of these valuable skills and at the same time stay healthy is by participating in youth sports. A large amount of research has been conducted on this topic, and the results overwhelmingly show that sports participation for children is vital. Suzanne Le Menestrel and Daniel F. Perkins will go in depth as to why sports participation for children is so important. Although, some parents remain skeptical as to whether or not they want their children active in youth sports. Even if parents are not sure if they should enroll their children in sports, they should choose to do so because of the physical activity, social skills, success, and life lessons.Part One: Reasons against sports participation-injury risksWhen parents are deciding whether or not they should choose to enroll their children in sports, there are many different factors to consider. Whether that is trying to determine if their child is interested in participating, or whether or not they think their child is ready to play, there are a lot of different factors. In the end, they need to at least make sure that the overall result of the child playing the sport is a positive one, and that the pros of playing the sport outweigh the cons of playing. To ensure that their child's sports involvement is a positive one, there are a few different concerns that they first have to consider. The most common concerns that parents run into while deciding include the risk of injury, emotional damage, and also player burn out. The thought of their children getting injured while playing sports is enough for some parents to choose to keep their children out of sports altogether. Dr. Robert Cantu, chairman of the Department of Surgery at Emerson Hospital and co-director of the Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy at the Boston University School of Medicine, agrees that this concern for some sports activity is justified, saying "We're going to be recommending that nobody under the age of 14 be involved in collision sports" (Cantu N.a.). Since many different research studies involving...

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Children And Sports: The Advantages Are Endless

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