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Concerned parents have always been cautious when it comes to their children watching television. They strive to set limits on the type of programming viewed as well as the time spent in front of the television. Of course, not all parents have the reigns tightened on their children’s viewing habits. Some children spend hours glued to the screen. Today, it has only gotten worse with bigger screens and unhealthy programming added to the mix. Children are unaware that watching too much television can have negative effects on their brain development and physical appearance.
The brain has been a vital organ for the purpose of everyday human function. It needs to be stimulated with activity that enhances it to the fullest potential. Television, on the other hand, tends to slow the brain from receiving the stimulation it requires. There have been studies conducted which measures children’s success in school based on their viewing habits. One study discovered children between the ages of 5-11 who watched the least television were most like to graduate high school while those who watched the most were likely to drop out (“Too Much TV Isn’t Smart” 6). Another study found that children with a television in their bedroom scored lower on standardized tests and had low reading skills (Too Much TV Isn’t Smart 6).
Television does not only damage the brain, but can also have a profound impact on a child’s physical appearance. Anti-social behavior among children has been associated with prolonged television viewing (Vessey, Yim-Chiplis, and MacKenzie 483). This is the first step in the downward spiral towards obesity. As the child becomes more anti-social, healthy nutrition and exercise are non-existent (Vessey, Yim-Chiplis, and MacKenzie 483). A study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggested that children who watched more than four hours of television daily were more likely to be obese than those who watched less (Vessey, Yim-Chiplis, and MacKenzie 483).
Body image issues and eating disorders are also unfortunate outcomes of high viewing activity (Vessey, Yim-Chiplis, and MacKenzie 484). Advertisers take advantage of the mass media to promote their products. However, young children tend to believe perception as reality and create stereotypes of beauty and ugliness (Vessey,...

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