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Children And The Internet Essay

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Hello and welcome to the project on children on the computer with social media does it make people smarter or more social the answer is that it effects them some of the time children are more social with their parents or guardians or whoever it maybe.
But there is more to this then we think people say that children become mindless zombies after being on electronics (PS3, Xbox, IPhone, IPad and many more devises) they also believe that even though that happens they still want their children to have fun as well they say people are able to control their addictions to electronics.
It is said that it works for some people but not for everyone. The opinion of everyone in the world depends on what ...view middle of the document...

This contradicts the two sides of this paper about does it actually affect children well it can and or can't research also shows that children actually have a better chance with emails that child predators can look into and make them into what is or maybe abuse or very hurt because of a child predator.
Burguieres 2

There are better things that children should be doing like sports such as golf, tennis, bowling, boxing and many more ways to be social with friends and or family.

The recent conclusion that has been made is that children can get brain damage because of social media. But, it also shows that they can be more intelligent because of the world of the social media as well.

Unfortunately, child predators do exist if they didn't we wouldn't have to worry so much about children being on social media so much.
But as long as we have child predators and bad people we shouldn't give any information about where we live, eat, sleep or anywhere not even our age date of birth and other things that relate or come towards us because, it can affect us in many different ways in life such as friends might not hangout with you anymore because of something that you have done wrong and then what?

What they say may hurt you because of what you say on social media like via Facebook, Twitter, and Skype it will affect relationships, friendships and your best friends will even not hang with you anymore.

In all consideration life is not fair if you don't show your parents respect and show that you can be responsible with social media and your online uses. This is also why child predators hunt and hurt children because parents don't watch their children on the internet.

But there is more to this it says all of us teenagers and children are addicted to the internet wrong we are not addicted to it...

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