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Children Are People Essay

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All around the world people spank their kids as a method of discipline. Parents have been using these form of discipline for hundreds of years. Its a cycle that continues to grow from generation to generation. Nobody questions it because they have learned that hitting is apart of life. However,spanking children has now come into question for many reasons. The reasons people give for spanking children consist of the phrase “spare the rod and spoil the child”, their teaching children how to behave at home and school, a spanking doesn’t hurt and that children don’t have rights.
Many people use the phrase “spare the rod and spoil the child” as a reason to spank children and the Bible is used ...view middle of the document...

Also, spanking is not an effective form of discipline because some kids seek for attention by acting out and in that case a spanking is not a punishment its an award, because negative attention is better than no attention at all. Secondly, little kids can not distinguished a spanking and whats happening all they know is that it hurts. It may stop the behavior temporarily but their going to do it again. In addition, children watch and copy what they see and by spanking a child; that adult who is giving out that spanking is teaching the child it's ok to hit others. They also teach kids when they are mad to hit someone younger and weaker than them. If spanking continues the cause of suicide in children from bullying will continue to rise. A child is not born a bully they learn it. Some people will object to this reason because bullies say mean things also but that comes hand and hand with getting a spanking, because its emotional abuse. When a child is getting a spanking the parent is usually very angry and when people are angry they tend to say very hurtful things. Also, adults tend to take turn spanking kids for the same thing. The child has already been spanked once for what they have done. So why are they getting hit again, the child is getting punished over and over for the same thing they were just punished for. The other adult(s) just feel they have to spank the child to. That’s why the crime never fits the punishment.
Many people say that spanking children at school is also an effective way to manage the way children behave when their parents aren’t around. However, that is not true either. I attended a private school as a child and corporal punishment was allowed as a form of punishment. Parents are told that corporal punishment will be used as the last resort. When all other forms of discipline has failed. Although, parents are told this, corporal punishment is not used as the last resort. It is often the first and only discipline method teachers use. Even for minor misbehavior’s that could have been corrected without assaulting the child in the process. For example, when I was in first grade, my teacher walked around with her long wooden ruler at all times. She was just waiting for a child to do anything wrong. If we talked or even laughed in line or spoke when not spoken to; we were hit, no if and or buts about it. Other people may say that, while next time that child will know not to do that because they know the consequences of that action. In spite of that being said children are hit repeatedly over and over again for the same offense, because the only thing they learned was to fear the teacher. In other words the child is not learning that what they did is wrong because they aren’t able to think of their actions and why they shouldn’t have done what they did in the first place. The child is feeling so much fear, that they aren’t able to think of anything else beside that spanking their about to receive. Parents say that they send...

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