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Children Are Under Attack! Essay

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Children are under attack! But this assault is not coming from terrorists within or outside the borders. It is not coming from disturbed or mentally unstable people in a community. This onslaught is coming from our own American popular culture. This assault is ever-present, intense, and unrelenting, also disguised; most parents cannot sense the harm that pop culture is inflicting on their children any more than a fish can sense that their ocean is becoming ever more polluted. In both cases, the attack is slow but steady, seemingly unnoticed. Many seem to have been fooled into believing that popular culture cares about our children, when the truth is precisely the opposite. Pop culture cares ...view middle of the document...

It can last an instant, a month or even a year. The phrase, "fifteen minutes of fame" is a pop culture term used for something that is only popular for a short time, then fades into the background. But the truth is precisely the opposite. No matter where one goes, they are surrounded by pop culture. Whether reading a magazine, watching television or a movie, or even listening to the radio in the car, one is exposed some form of pop culture on a daily basis. Pop culture is so integrated into society that it's almost impossible not be influenced by it. This is especially true for the youth of America today. With easier access, quicker results, and uninformed parents, children are exposed to a tremendous amount of information fed to them by the pop culture world. This influences and shapes the identities our children. Similar to the propaganda used in World War II by Hitler to the Hitler Youth, the constant feed of pop culture changes how children act, think, and behave.

Children take their influences from celebrities, who, most likely, end up making all the wrong decisions. Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato started on TV comedies meant to appeal to children, and now, Cyrus is to the point in her drug addiction that she needs to be detoxified, or requires medical treatment to remove the poisonous and toxic substances she has indulged in for the past few years, and Lovato admitted, on to the American public, that she has experimented with cutting, a type of self-mutilation, drugs, and alcohol, along with countless other physical forms of dealing with suicidal thoughts. Stars such as these are kids’ idols, and their actions may be the actions that these fans may deem ‘ok,’ when they are really actions that should never even be thought about. Part of the reason of why there are so many cases of drug dealers, underage drinking and self-harm is because of what the so-called higher class does in spare time. Would one want their child watching the news, seeing ‘Hannah Montana’s’ face, and saying, “I want to be just like her!” “Mom? Are drugs ok?” or “Why is she only wearing underwear coming out of that building?” And Justin Bieber? One simply...


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