Children Have Never Been Better Off

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"Children have never been better off than they are today." Do you agree or disagree with that statement? What evidence in this chapter supports the statement and what evidence refutes it? Every person has grown up in a different time period and every era has had its pro's and con's. Back in the 18th century brutal punishment was not uncommon, unlike our modern day perspective on psychical punishment. It was more common in the 18th century to see young children working. It isn't good for children to work at such a young age, but they should have some perspective of work, like having some sort of house hold duties. Children may have it better now because they are not expected to be responsible right after graduation or even before. Now we can go to college and further our dependence to out parents. Although we have more advantages, it isn't always better, most children do not appreciate the situation they are in and that leaves them worse off because they are terribly spoiled. They find it hard to move out on there own because they have not had the chance to be independent. The average teenager back in the 1950's were married by the age oh 18-19. Now you see them getting married at the age of 24-5 or not married at all . I think things have changed a great deal, but it was not all for the good of children. Thinking about the material on birth and the perinatal environment, arrange the perfect birth experience for you and your baby and justify its features. Where would you be, who would be there, and what would be done. I would like to give birth to my baby at home, in a Jacuzzi style bath tub. I would play very soft music to relax me and my baby. I want to give birth to my baby in water because it is similar to their previous environment, he or she is not instantly hit with this bold bright world. A doctor or someone with an extreme amount of experience in delivery such as a midwife would be present. My husband would be present so he can see out little miracle be born into this world. My mom will also be there because she will have to help me get through the pain because I'm sure my husband wont be able to. This is a nice thought but I'm not sure. I'd be able to go through with it if I was really in the situation Drawing on knowledge of the sensory and perceptive capacities of newborns, put yourself in the place of a newborn, in the delivery room just emerge from the womb and describe your perceptual experiences. I have been in this warm, safe place for a awful long time now. I'm so comfy in here, I hope I never have to leave. This could really work for me. I have this little tube like thing feeding me, boy life has never been better.UH-OH what was that, I heard some thing rumbling. Everything is kind of rocky, I'm not sure I like my safe place anymore. I'm starting to move forward, im not sure if this is good or bad. This is scary im leaving my safe place, I want to go back. This is taking all my...

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