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The Purpose And Ideology Of Education

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The purpose and ideology of education

There is no one single definition for what education really is. Experts and scholars from the beginning have viewed and commented about education in different ways. The definition mostly agreed upon was that education is an acquisition or passing of skills, behavior or knowledge from an institution to another. This institution can either be a person, a school, a family or even the society. If we go in the ancient meaning and the ideology of education, it means to lead out of ignorance. In other words, education or knowledge in this sense was light and education brought the person out of the dark. The purpose and ideology of education is therefore to bring out the potential of a person and pass on knowledge

What is the purpose of education?
If one really looks at it, everyone would consider education has having different purposes. This denotes that the question of educational purpose is actually seen quite difficult to self. This is because the purpose or purposes of education is entirely dependent on personal beliefs and values (Biesta 40) therefore, there is a dichotomous depiction of views about education where different schools of thought come and intersect. In simple terms, this means that every person has a different aim or a different goal in life. They want to learn different things to satisfy what they consider the most important. A person who is passionate about music would like to learn the different instruments. Similarly, a person who is involved in science would want to seek tfor scientific knowledge. In both the aforementioned instances, both the people are getting educated but in different disciplines. Even though their procedure is the same, their purpose is still quite different.
As mentioned before, that academic achievement is considered education mostly around the world. Hence there is special attention given to language, mathematics and science. Nonetheless, there is very little importance given to vocational skills. In Asia, there is not much importance given to vocational skills like singing or dancing. The trend is quite different in the West where they are Arts school designated for these talents. Therefore, what sort of academic knowledge is more valuable varies depending on how much importance is given to that particular position in the society.

Modern and Ancient view
Many people today refer to education as the teaching and learning that a child does at school. However, education includes everything that a person learns. If this meaning is taken to be correct, then a person is getting educated throughout his or her whole life. The modern view of education involves the preparation of adulthood, gradation, central involvement and curriculum. All of these concepts will be discussed in detail below. On the other hand, the ancient view of education also consists of categories that are quite different to how we view education today. In the ancient times, there was...

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