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Children Learn Best By Observing The Behavior Of Adults, Agree Or Not

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Observation is a powerful learning tool to the children. However, theories argue that it is not the best learning method to develop children cognitive skills. Moreover, observing the poor role model cause children to exhibit the negative behavior. Beside, involvement from adult is needed to encourage children display the desirable behavior.

Supporters of observational learning argue that learning by observing the behavior of adults is the best way for children as it is effective and well proven. They say that there is no need for self-action or active engagement in task. These self-action and active engagements will hurt or harm children with negative or bad experience. The negative experience will make them reluctant to do the same things in future. There is evidence that children learn a lot of moral values and positive attributes by observing behavior of adults. We must admit it. However, there is concern among researchers and educators that if children likely to copy adults’ behavior, it means that they have tendency to copy the negative behavior of people close to them or people they watch on television or video games. Sometimes, parents are smoking, quarrelling, or hitting spouse in front of their children. This makes children who observe the bad situation and copying it. Although parents are trying many times to hide their negative behavior from children, it is hard as they live together. Numerous findings had proven that children increase the likelihood to smoke if they are exposed to parents or adults who are smoking. Obviously, this proves that observing poor role models will cause children to exhibit poor behaviors. Thus, observing the behavior of adults is not the best learning method to the children.

Opponents of operant conditioning theory also claim that not all observed behaviors are effectively learned. This is because observation requires...

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