Children Need Healthy, Safe, Caring Attachments With Adults

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My First Teacher: Effective Caregiver
My first teacher was my mother who had a teaching degree from Columbia University and knew Latin fluently. She nurtured the need to read by creating libraries of books in every house we lived in. We traveled most of my life and my mom moved 42 times during her 50 year marriage to my dad. They were both examples of loyalty, discipline, and respect. With that came great responsibility to family, school, and community, because of the diverse people we had met in the many states and countries we lived in. My parents believed we should become a part of every community we lived in and that meant to go to church and learn a new language. My parents ...view middle of the document...

The Marshallese, Chucke, Samoan, Iranian, and Micronesian students would great me each day at 7:15 to change their books before they had to go to homeroom. They were amazed that I would trust them with such a coveted item and that I would let them take extra books for sibblings. This I learned from a Sister at Notre Dame De Nam Mur in San Jose. She loved her books so much I had to pick one up and read even if the book was not assigned. Our journey through Whethering Heights, Scarlet Letter, and Ann Frank, Diary of a Young Girl was the best lesson in engaging reading. There were about 35 students in the class; however, the moment Sister stepped on her podium one could hear a pin drop. She instilled the love for the journey, language, vocabulary, and respect in each of us. We never talked out of turn, but everyone had a voice and opinion about what we were reading. This teacher believed in our talents and so we all thought we were smart, good at reading, and great essayists (even though we all had the dreaded RED marks throughout our blue books. No student was ever embarrassed or felt out of place. Hers was a class room of no division so that all were comfortable, welcome, and cooperative to the discussion (Lickona, 1991). She believed in cooperative learning and was always prepared for each lesson. Our time in 10th Grade English was never wasted and we tried never to waste her time.
Ethical Mentoring
These two teachers were committed to democratic values (Lickona, 1991). My mom had seven children and we all felt loved, safe, and had a particular responsibility to each other and education. We were encouraged to participate as a group to solve family...

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