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Children Obesity Issue In The Us

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Food is one of life’s main fundamentals to sustain viability. It is the continuing growth, maintenance and repair of the body that depends deeply on the energy and nutrients supplied to the body through the food. The nutrients that food provides to the human body is an incredibly, forceful process that keeps people alive and healthy. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that over twenty-five million people in America have diabetes; 215,000 of those are children and over sixty-nine percent of all Americans are overweight and obese. This includes childhood obesity, which has more than doubled in children and tripled in adolescents in the past thirty years. These shocking statistics that reveals that Americans, especially children, are not getting the proper nutrients their body needs. Processed or manufactured food is slowing destroying America’s people and also our economy.
Growing up on an island everything was fresh. The vegetables were grown in the back yard, the fish was caught nearby, and the meat was fresh from that morning. Nothing was processed or manufactured. Moving to America, everything was different; my cousins that lived with always ate McDonalds, mac and cheese, etc. All I wanted to eat was rice and beans that my mother would cook. I have always been healthy, and most of the kids around were overweight. Growing up I learned that the food the kids around would eat was not healthy for your body, but I never understood why.
American has taken many steps to improve their food production, but why is most of its people sick with related food disease. About seventy percent of Americans diet is processed food; this includes canned good, fast food or any food that cannot be made with simple ingredients in a kitchen. Processed food companies depend greatly on additives, artificial nutrients and other unhealthy ingredients to maintain and sell their products. These many ingredients, having little or no nutritional importance are put into millions of food products children and adults eat on a daily basis. Dr. Ludwig, professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, shares his concern about the scores of artificial additives and how they will interact in the human body. He explains, “The declining quality of children’s diets is robbing them of key vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and plant chemicals that are known to support cellular metabolism and promote optimal health (O'brien, 2009).” Most processed or manufactured foods have a variation of food coloring, flavors, preservatives, and other additives, that can add to allergies for a...

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