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Children Of An Idle Mind Part2 (Final)

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As the wind rattled through the glass streets of this city, a soft sound emerged. The closer you got to its source, the louder the music played as if inviting creatures from everywhere to come and experience the ecstasy of their little world. In the midst of all this happiness echoed those words: Evigilo ... Incubus. They clashed with the harmonic music of the spinning city causing me a dreadful headache.And so I was forced to open my eyes to the gray reality, with only a faint vision of a flawless world. As the headaches grew stronger, I went outside for a walk to get some fresh air. After all these years, my disease was finally getting to me. The chronic pain in my chest started to impair my walking, so I casually strolled down the dirty streets.Everything passed by me in a complete blur. Dark smoke polluted my fragile lungs, and my coughing grew louder and more persistent as I looked down the empty alleys. I looked back to my apartment, but it was a faraway silhouette against the shadowy city. It was too late to turn back now. I had to face the attack alone, but it was no big deal I had done it many times before. It is true that I was younger then. Nonetheless, just do what you've always done: just close your eyes and hope it goes by painlessly fast.Ha! I wish it were that easy. So I sat down on the wet curb, closed my eyes, and prayed. The coughing got louder and louder until I no longer exhaled air, rather blood. My head was spinning, my mind ached, and my ears boomed. I began seeing things, clear things not the blurs I was now accustomed to. My childhood, my family, my house, my everything...

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