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Children Of Consumerism Essay

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In 1946 with the end of World War II, “the cry of the baby was heard across the land,” as historian Landon Jones later described. Between the years of 1946-1964, baby boomers made up almost 40% of the nation’s population, with nearly 76.4 million “baby boomers” in the US alone. Though causation varies, at this time many people in the postwar era were confident in a prosperous future and wanted to give their children everything that they had previously had to deny themselves. Corporations also were on the rise and growing larger, and consumer goods were more plentiful and affordable than ever before. Consumerism had a central role in the postwar era with adults eager to be a part of the new ...view middle of the document...

The term "Yuppie" would first appear in print in a 1980s Chicago article by Dan Rottenberg, but was really legitimatized when it was used in the Chicago Tribune by columnist Bob Greene in a 1983 piece called “Yippie turns Yuppie” a story about Jerry Ruben, a hippie turned yuppie once finding a career on Wall Street.

The yuppie culture seemed too many to be the face of Reaganomics, "Political intimations: yuppiedom is essentially a phenomenon of the Ronald Reagan era, inextricably tied to the values, follies, and peculiar conditions thereof.”(Lewis) The word yuppie became widespread in the1984 presidential campaign and became associated with the two politicians, Gary Hart and Reagan himself. Gary Hart was deemed the “yuppie candidate” in 1984, whom called out towards the political conservatism and cultural liberalism of the yuppies of the time.
The success of the economy at this period lead many American workers to become accustomed to this height and yuppies quickly became a part of the financial foundation for the success in America. Startups in the nation would soon be created by mostly people ranging between the ages of 25-45. An article in the newspaper in 1985 by Jerry Ruben that states; 'Yuppies believe in meritocracy: If you work and plan to get ahead, you will. Yuppies respect technology: The easier machines make our work, the more we can achieve. Yuppies practice self-reliance: Life is tough? Then do something about it. The yuppie lifestyle of individual entrepreneurship, self- responsibility, personal growth and enjoyment of life is changing the world by example'. This quote seems to support and explain the ideology of the yuppie, where self-reliance and sufficiency is key to being successful in financial America within the 1980's. This ideology reflects that of the American dream, and pays homage to Reagan; where hard work, determination and personal success are what is believed to be what it means to be an 'American.'
In film yuppies were portrayed mostly as corporate ladder climbing, Wall Street players, whose obsession were about living in high class apartments, owning hi-fi stereos and driving in foreign cars. The typical attire was...

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