Children Of Divorce And The Need For Psychological Counseling

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Children of Divorce Sections III, IV and V
In efforts to protect children during the divorce process, enforcing court-mandated counseling or classes for children and parents together is the best way to establish the relationship between one and another. Rather than letting personal who attend six to eight week classes run these programs, this person should be a qualified in the areas of but not limited to psychology to include child psychology, family therapy and social work. With the particular skills before mentioned, the output of help to divorcing parents and children will help to highlight the significant problems and behavioral patterns at hand and possibly to come with the children. ...view middle of the document...

In the state of Virginia, it cost $60 for each parent and $10 per session for court-mandated training ("West Virginia Judiciary", 2005). As with the same plan proposed here, using the Virginia pricing and the methods of Jack Arbuthnot and Donald A. Gordon, authors of “Children in the middle: working with divorcing parents”, the same goal can be obtained without forcing divorcing parents to have to spend more money on private therapist. By making this training court-mandated, it will become more affordable and accessible to lower income persons, help parents see the change in their child and giving the family more sessions so they can be helped in a more successful way. With almost half of the marriages ending in divorce, 60% of divorces involve children (U.S. Bureau of the Census, 1992). As the chart below shows a decline, but the number of children affected by
divorce are still in the thousands. It would take a great many of doctors and professors to help out in this matter at hand. The slogan never leave a child behind does not effect only the education of child but also the mental stability of a child.
There are many behavioral changes due to divorce. Social isolation, depression, one of the problems children of divorce face is drug and alcohol usage. As you can see from the chart below other than living in a home with one parent and living in a home where the primary parent has remarried the third highest percentage of hard drug use is children of divorce (Eriksson, 2013).

To prevent one child from facing the trauma caused by the divorce of parents, we need to ban together to put court-mandated training into action. The training if supported by the courts will show that before all the children are more important than two adults...

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