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Children Of The Sun A Fantasy Short Story About A Young Girl And Her Brother Living On A Foreign Planet.

2077 words - 8 pages

Children of The SunBrabe awoke with sharp pains running through his body. The Sun! He hadn't had any sunlight for almost a day."Lela," he said, shaking her, "we must get out of here, wherever we are."Lela didn't move, she just laid there like a rag doll thrown in a heap on the floor. Then it hit him. Like the blow of one of Kyrria's awful barbaric border guards' neuralizing guns. Lela hadn't had any sun in days, for she had been wherever they were for a lot longer than he.Brabe looked around for some source of light for her. There was on e solitary light bulb in the middle of the chamber that shone an eerie red light. Brabe dragged the limp Lela in to the dim light of the solitary bulb. He reached up and tore away the red cellophane that covered the bulb. A crisp white light shone down on Lela's limp body. Brabe hoped that this futile form of light would be sufficient enough to revive her into a conscious state. Brabe looked around into the darkness and tried to remember what he had done to become caught in this awful dark chamber. First he and Lela had tried to pass the border to find their Father. After the guards had caught Lela, she had told hem to keep going. They both possessed the rare power of telepathy, communicating through thought, from their ancestors that came from their original planet of Zylon.Right now those powers were lost as Lela had hardly enough sun power to keep her alive.The border guards had caught him just as he was getting into the darkness. He knew that his Father was being held prisoner in the "Dark World" as his elders called it.Another sharp pain ripped through his body like a knife. Soon he would also collapse like Lela, and certain death would come. He tried to think of a way to get out of the dark chamber but soon gave up after finding that the room never ended, and just extended farther and farther from the light bulb.He returned to Lela's side and held her loose body close. The end was near, he could feel it deep inside him. Cold chills ran through his body as his skin turned a ghastly shade of white, like Lela's. He closed his eyes and lay down next to Lela.A warm beam of light shone down on their limp bodies. An old rope ladder dropped down and swung coyishly on his cold torso. A stooped old man teetered down the rope and slung a body over each shoulder. The man struggled up the rope and quickly closed the lid behind him.Brabe felt a warm feeling over his body. He slowly opened his eyes to find a kooky old man bent over his body with a strong white light behind him. The man smiled a crooked smile at Brabe.Recalling an old tale his elders often told him, Brabe asked"Is this heaven?" In a groggy, disconnected voice."No, not heaven, my boy. Far from it. This is my laboratory. Ahhh, Bloody mess this place is."Brabe looked around. Empty bottles and beakers were stacked to the ceiling. Papers cluttered the floor. The tables were covered in open books and empty boxes. On a table next to him lay Lela, she too was...

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