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Children Of Vengeance Part 1

2081 words - 8 pages

"Domino *****es!"I slammed my domino hard on the wood table, toppling my 3 opponents standing dominos."I win again!" I said triumphantly, lifting my arms high in the air, my pit stains glowing under my large shoulders. "Tally it up sluts!"They eyed me angrily, but I knew they all hid smiles behind their angry grimaces. I laughed heartily as I downed the rest of my mug of beer, wiping the foam from my mouth with an already sticky and sour smelling fore arm. The wife will definitely want me to take a shower before getting into bed, I thought to myself smiling, too bad she will have to deal with it before till noon the next day. Tomorrow was my day off, and I planned to take full advantage by sleeping half of it away, and then sitting and watching T.V. for the rest of it.Across from me, Bill began to swirl the dominoes on the table, shuffling them up."You've only won twice man." Bill commented, "You're not even winning the whole game.""I've got you smoked, asshole", continued Mike to the left of me. He accentuated his point by taking an extra long drag of his cigar and blowing the smoke all over me, consuming me in a stinky cloud. The wife wouldn't like that smell either, I thought, smiling evilly."In fact," Mike continued, "I only have to get five points to win."My dominant mood was immediately sedated; I grimaced as I looked at the piece of paper illustrated by untidy markings of crosses and X's. He was absolutely right, and he was also next right after me. To the right of me, James began to furiously rub the sleep from his eyes. He was horribly allergic to the smoke and a large cloud of it engulfed the small room we were playing in."Just finish this thing so I can go home and take my damn medicine." He sniffed, "You assholes always smog this place out."I was certain that whatever domino I played, I was going to lose, so I tossed them all on the table, muttering, "You win Mike."Mike smiled widely and accepted the small stack of ones we were playing for, put out his stogie, shook everyone's hand and left. He was quickly followed by a skittish and sneezing James, his sniffs and snuffs resounding in his usual, "See ya's"Bill stood up and stretched, moaning loudly as his all his bones cracked and popped."Same time next week Ray?" He asked sleepily."If I make it home, damn cops have been trying to give me a DWI ever since I ran over the sheriffs mailbox." I replied, also stretching my stiff joints out.I gave him a hearty handshake, using the last of my strength to try to unsuccessfully crush his hand. We both laughed at the foolish game and waved each other off. I walked like Frankenstein to my lifted SUV, still trying to replenish the life in my stiff, tired legs. I hoisted myself up into the seat, and leaned back, closing my eyes and steadying the world. I always managed to stay on the border of too drunk to drive and just drunk enough. After I was satisfied I could go on, I turned my car on. Immediately I heard the dinging alarm of the fuel gauge. I...

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