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I remember how I felt on the first day when I entered my placement. It was not the first time I had associate with young children but somehow it felt different. I always thought children were the easiest beings to communicate and that I can easily understand them just by looking at how they act. Unfortunately, I had so many things I did not know about them and I was perplexed just by handling one crying child. This booklet is created for early year’s practitioners that are just starting and it is aimed to provide practitioners about children, early year’s documents and play.
As an early years’ practitioner, there are many information that are useful to know. For example, the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework is a framework that all settings in the United Kingdom (UK) have to provide for children and babies by the Department for Education. The EYFS ensures that all children learn and develop well and are kept healthy and safe according to the statutory standards that are set for the early years providers to meet (DfE, 2012). The EYFS aims to provide a secure base that will ensure all children with good progress through school and life, quality and consistency in all early years setting, partnerships between practitioners and parents or carers and equal opportunity for all children (DfE, 2012). Secondly, the Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) document shows legal responsibilities towards children and their families and it is an international human rights treaty that sets out a comprehensive set of rights for children and young people (OGL, 2014). The document contains 54 articles that include the health, political, civil, social, health, economic and cultural rights of children. For practitioners to understand and deliver effective practice, the Common Core document describes the skills and knowledge that are expected for practitioners to have. It contains six areas of expertise and the skills required in each of them (CWDC, 2010).

On the contrary, the Department for Education is responsible for children’s education and services in the UK. They are involved in the Early Years by being responsible for children’s teaching and learning, giving supports to the professionals who work with children, helping disadvantaged children and make certain that local services support and protect children (OGL, 2014). On the other hand, the Department for Health is a government body that are responsible for health and social care matters in UK. This department is involved in the Early Years by giving families the support and help they needed to improve the children’s life. For example, the department had created a Healthy Child Programme that are available to all families and some of the aims are making sure that a child is prepared for school, encouraging care that keeps children safe and healthy and recognize and help children with problems (OGL, 2014).

One might consider that play is just something...

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