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Children Should Not Be Exposed To Harmful Advertisements

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“Advertising is what you do when your product is no good.”
- - Edwin H. Land - -

“Competition” is part of human nature, even in animals, and it can be seen almost
everywhere. Several centuries ago, man competed for dominance over land. As of today, in
most cases, people compete to be successful in business. The world is developing so fast, and
almost all companies are using different strategies that they think are most effective to attract
people to trust and buy their products, competing among themselves to become popular.
Therefore, they promote and advertise their products as much as they can. We can see
advertisements everywhere, such as in newspapers, magazines, on boards, on television, on
radio. Many advertisements target children, who are immature; this situation becomes a
problem, which ranges from a small to a huge one. Therefore, the government should deal with
advertising business and parents should deal with their children; advertisements which are
harmful to kids should be forbidden from reaching them and the children are needed to be
convinced by the parents not to watch too much television, which has many advertisements.

People should see the negative conditions that are going on among kids because of
advertisements. Roy F.Fox, a professor of education at the University of Missouri, explains that
“advertising is harmful to the physical and social health of children.” For example, “The
Academy estimates that, each year, youngster are exposed to 2,000 television ads for beer and

wine” (Fox). Furthermore, “Meg Gallogly of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids asserts that
there are clear links between cigarette ads and teen smoking”(Gallogly). As a result, over 4,000
kids are found trying smoking for their first time (Gallogly). According to a study in the Journal
of the National Cancer Institute, cigarette commercials influence youth to smoke more than
“peer pressure” does (Gallogly). Therefore, the problem shouldn’t be allowed to continue
growing up among kids.

One of the causes of the problem is that many kids spend most of their time watching
television. A large number of advertisements are among television programs, so children have
much exposure to commercials, which gradually influence them without being noticed.
According to Schlosser, an average American child watches television for twenty one hours
from Sunday to Saturday. For little children, around three to nine years old, the advertisements
are toys and appeals with popular characters, and teenagers are targeted by cigarette and
alcohol commercials. According to the studies, teens who watch television “4 to 5 hours per
day are 5.24 times more likely to initiate smoking than youth who watch 0-2 hours” (Gidwani).

Children’s weakness of being obstinate to get what they want is also one of the causes of
companies’ advertisements aim at children. One weak point of children is that they can...

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