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Children, The Victems. Essay

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The Government, though successful in many means, has been unsuccessful inprotecting the youth in our nation. Right now there are many statistics showing the lack of attention to the to the children, It funds facilities for the youth; however, the conditions of them are unsightly. My own family has experienced the lack of involvement from the Government. The Government has a duty to take care of the children. A minuscule amount of actions have been taken by the Governments to protect them.The Government puts forth little effort towards preventing crime againstAmerica's youth. The US. Department of Justice ran some recent studies, revealing shocking discoveries about our children and teenagers. 1 in 5 violent state offenders (65,000 offenders) reported a victim under the age of 18. 8 in 10 sex offenders committed their crime against a minor as well. 66 percent of children less than 1 year old and 58 percent from 1 to 4 years old were killed by being beaten with fists, blunt objects or by being kicked. The University of Hampshire also ran tests and have accumulated statistics. They showed that approximately 569,000 cases of child neglect were substantiated in 1997. Jim Hopper, a PHD also came up with some results from tests he ran. They show that crimes against youth are less likely to be reported to the police. These studies all show the lack of involvement of the Government in our children's lives.Focusing more on a more personal issue, the Boys and Girls Clubs are a great example as well. Clubs are built for children to attend and stay out of trouble. It is near impossible for the children to do this, the state of the Clubs are unsanitary. The doors of the clubs are broken, the old books in the libraries are torn, reading is impossible. The floors are cracked, bathrooms are old, outdated, and they smell awful. The over worked, underpaid staff are few and...

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