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Children Under Elevan Should Not Have A Cell Phone

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Many children all around the world have cell phones, 65% of the world’s children make contact with a cell phone. (“Gsma Intelligence”) While many parents believe that their child should not own a cell phone, most parents want them to have one in case of an emergency. While many children believe that cell phones will help their lives, I believe this to be a horrible idea : Children can misuse their privileges to have a cell phone, cell phones can distract the child from the world around them, and cell phones are a pain to parents.

First and foremost, when a child has contact with a cell phone they could be danger. This may not seem logical but cell phones change the lives of children. Applying the rule for a child not to have a cell phone helps the parent feel safer. Because now you know what they are doing and that they are not going on inappropriate sites. Children tend to have more anger against their parents when being in contact with a cell phone, 75% of the worlds children are rebellious against their parents, and may do stupid things to like go on inappropriate sites to get their attention (“Help Children”) If children did not have cell phones it wouldnt give them the opportunity to make fun of others in my words cyberbullying. The child would not have the chance to stay in their room behind a screen and hate on other. Children hate on others because their angry and jealous of what the other people have, 60% of the world's children are angry and jealous of their peers lives and to make themselves feel better they hate on that person ( “stop cyberbullying”) Cell phones reduce the amount of bullying in the world. Finally, it is a good idea for a child not to have a cell phones because they can misuse it for example they can cheat on test. Being a child you wanna do great on a test for your parents are proud and will do anything to get a good grade. When children do a test now a days the teacher doesnt circle around and it is easy for a child to take out his or her phone and find the answer, 1 in 20 children cheat on their test by using a mobile device (“us news education”) It does not help later on in the child life. To summarize, it is quite outstanding how much children can misuse their cell phones.

Second of all, cell phones have wifi connecting where you can access facebook, twitter and instagram etc… staying up late on the internet does not help the lives of children. Staying up late and waking up early for school distract the child from class because he or she didn't get anoth sleep and is tired (‘ Distracting from my life”) Also, having cell phones the child does not complete his or her homework. Because he or she...

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