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Kids Who Kill Essay

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Why Kids kill Over the past decades violent crimes committed by juveniles are on a steady rise. On almost every magazine cover and newspaper on almost any given day you can open it up and read how children as young as 6 are committing horrible violent crimes on almost a daily basis.Such reports are widespread and are regular topics to political officials, citizen action groups and or law enforcement officers. The Political officials are always promising a get-tough approach.According to the F.B.I, America experienced its highest Juvenile Violent Crime Arrest rate ever in 1990. 430 per 100,000 juveniles! The rate for Violent Crimes committed by juveniles, took a sharp turn upward among both Black and White youth, while it dropped for youth of all other races. Overall, arrests for Violent Crimes increased 44 percent for White youth, 19 percent for Black youth between 1980-1990, while only a 53 percent increase among those of the ?Other Race? category. All Violent Crimes except robbery, showed increases among all juveniles in the 1980?s! Specifically, the arrest rate for Juvenile murder increased 145 percent for Black youth and 48 percent for White juveniles between 1965-1990. The overall murder arrest rate for juveniles increased 332 percent; accompanied by a 79 percent increase in the number of juveniles who committed murders with guns, in 1990. Almost three out of four juvenile murders used guns to commit their crimes! ( A study by the National Crime Analysis- Project, confirms the FBI report. In that study, researchers found that the number of seventeen-year olds arrested for murder increased 121 percent from 1985-1991, by 158 percent for sixteen-year olds, and by 217 percent for fifteen-year olds! As the trend goes, it appears to only get worse! It?s been estimated that at least 100,000 students carry a gun or a knife to school. Most of the violent crimes are either drug related, or Hate Crimes do to the rebirth of Neo-nazism in the form of skinheads, and other such supremes groups. ( But Why! Why are these Hate Crimes occurring? What is driving children to commit murder? There appear to be as many theories on this topic, as there are ways to commit murder! These theories range from the Early ?The Devil Made Me Do It ? That being that they were possessed by Evil Spirits, forcing them through some mysterious Supernatural power, to commit such a Violent Act. Thus taking away this person?s free will, and making them not responsible for there actions! However many if not most people any longer believe in Supernatural or Demon possession as a cause of Crime anymore. Today?s society being a little more educated on such things! (Clecky,H 1982) We have the classical theory, which came about in the last half of the Eighteenth Century. This was also referred to as the ?Free-Will Approach?. What this meant was that all people are intelligent and rational and are able to do a Cost/Benefit or Pain/Pleasure test, and see which...

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