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Children With Autism Essay

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Children With Autism

Children with autism have the possibility to improve greatly, and some
even overcome the effects of autism if appropriate therapies are begun
early enough. A multifaceted disorder, autism has long baffled
professionals and parents alike. At a point in time, doctors gave
parents absolutely no hope for the recovery of their children. But
recently, new treatments and therapies have shown that improvement is
possible. With early intervention, intensive care, some children have
if not fully recovered, improved, and have been integrated into
schools, indistinguishable from their peers.

Sandra L. Harris, PhD; Topics in Autism

Siblings of children with autism, A Guide for Families

“Children learn from children”. Siblings of children with autism focus
on the often overlooked resource of brothers and sisters as effective
playmates and teachers. Dr Harris offers a practical, easy-to-use
plan; families can create to ensure possible positive interaction with
autistic children and their families. This book focuses on the
recurrent behavioral patterns characterized by autistic children. The
book deals with the challenges and obstacles the families have to get
through, but most importantly how to deal with this obstacles and how
to overcome the challenges.

Sandra L. Harris, Ph.D. & Mary Jane Weiss, Ph.D.

Right from the start; Behavioral Intervention for Young Children with

A Guide for Parents and professionals

Right from the start explains how the teaching method known as
intensive behavioral interventions can benefit young children whose
diagnosis fall within the broad spectrum of pervasive Developmental
Disorder, especially those five and younger. The guide begins by
discussing applied behavioral analysis, the central component of
intensive behavioral intervention. Readers are taught how to use ABA
to teach speech and language, social, motor, and adaptive skills
through a system of repetition, reward, and goal adjustment. The
author also discusses what families should consider before choosing
any treatment method for their child with autism, and specifically
what key elements an IBI program should have. The curriculum,
professional roles, parent involvement, inclusion, and pros and cons
of a home based versus center based program are all covered.

Staff training….. Characteristics of characteristics of children with
autism. [Videotape]. Maryland, MD: Integrated Care Management.

Autism is one of a spectrum, range, of disorders that vary in severity
and in terms of how condition manifests itself. According to the
national association for autism research, the autism spectrum disorder

Autistic disorder: also known as “classic autism”, this disorder
affects a person’s ability to communicate, form relationships and

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