Children With Cancer Essay

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A fragile girl gazes out of her bedroom window dreaming of what it would be like to be someone else, doing the activities other children do such as, skipping rocks, swimming in the pool, or playing a game of kickball with the local kids. Instead, she sits in her bedroom playing with her dolls, alone. The girl has friends but she cannot play with them, she is like a mouse locked in a cage, you see this four-year-old has cancer. A child with cancer does not live a normal life as other children; in turn she must fight to stay alive, continuously hoping to be awaken in the morning to the smell of life, yet barely having the strength to get out of bed. Often she strives to create new memories that could fill up a lifetime, while taking each breath as if it were her last. She is not bitter just confused therefore willing to accept her fate open armed and still having the will power to survive, smiling in the face of death. Mandy is my mothers' niece, and these are the memories of a day in the life of a child with cancer.Mom often called me to ask if I would do the weekly drive to Morgantown, being the loyal daughter, I said yes. I did not mind the drive; furthermore the trip to the hospital was always entertaining and brought the family girls closer together. There was mom, grandma, aunt Joan, Amanda and myself; in short, we were three generation in a car on a two-hour road adventure. The morning was bright and sunny with beams of light blinding me as I drove to mothers' house. Mom and I would drive to get Mandy and the rest of the gang.Mandy came running to the door with her enormous brown eyes hiding behind a huge smile on a perfectly rounded face, her complexion now being a ghostly pale of white. The chemotherapy had given her an Ethiopian appearance, losing most of the lovely brown hair and having legs that resembled toothpicks with shoes attached to the bottom. Mandy was diagnosis with childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia at the rip old age of three but continued to smile like an angel that had just received her wings. Her mother, Aunt Joan was a quiet woman with little education and being a single mother with a sick child was not easy. Everyone could see that she loved her daughter with all of her soul. Grandma was a formidable woman, with gray and white hair, and walked slightly bent over due to osteoporosis; she was the matriarch of her family and made sure that everyone knew this to be true. We would all load up the car to embark on our great adventure.I recall the vivid conversations we shared traveling along the curvy roads. Mom would start with some local gossip and young outspoken Mandy would add her opinion. Mandy was humorous, for instances, she would tell a story of her stupid little dog as she called him, "Tiger would run around and chase his own tail" she said, "that dumb dog, that dumb dog". Than drawing in a long breathe and laughing, a deep laugh the kind that comes from the heart, like a songbird singing for the first time....

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