Childrens' Complexity In Drawing Essay

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Complexity in ChildrensDrawingsAssignment 2Question 1:A) I would define complexity as the degree of difficulty involved. As far as the childrens drawings are concerned, I would define complexity the number of facets in the drawings compared to the level of difficulty. Drawings which have simpler less obvious features will have been drawn by younger children and the pictures will become more involved or complex as their cognitive abilities develop.B) Scale:1 Point:1. Any number of fingers2. Feet3. Arms and legs as stick figures4. Male or female figures by shape of body or clothes5. Facial features as dots and a dash for the mouth6. Background7. Figures level on picture8 Hair.9. Full body figures (head, body, arms and legs)2 Points:1. Correct number of fingers2. Arms and legs with volume to appear solid3. Facial features which appear solid4. Background in proportion to figures5. Clothing representative of correct sex6. Size of figures representive of their age (grown up compared to child)7. Shoes8. Name on writing legible on picture9. Hair to suit figureScoring:Age; Points Needed4 2-35 4-66 7-97 10-128 13-159 16-1910 20+C) I used the idea that the most basic parts of a drawing to gain 1 point and anything that requires more thought gains 2 points to determine my scale. Younger children will not be able to distinguish the difference between arms and legs being solid or stick figures whereas older children now that the body is more three dimensional. As children age their motor skills develop as well as their cognitive ability which in turns improve their ability to be able to draw pictures which as easier to recognise with distinguishable features.Question 2:A) See Figure 1B) The results were all over the place. It goes to show that complexity alone is not enough to determine age. Children of different ages overlap in their complexity scores, which is what I would expect. This could be due to several reasons such as disability which affects their motor and cognitive development on one end of the scale to children being better developed than other children their age due to giftedness or environmental learning.Question 3:A) See Figure 2B) The results were a mean of 6.4 for pre-operational (ages 4-7) and 15.6 for concrete operational (ages 8 -10). This is a very...

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