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Chile Essay

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good essay. excellent detailsCHILEIn this project we are going to summarize the main points concerning the history of CHILE , its independance, and bring the country to present day CHILE. We are also going to mention some important facts about CHILE'S economy.I. COLONIZATION PERIODCHILE is a country located in the wester coast of South America, on the Pacific Ocean. It is known for the famous Andes Mountain Range that covers all of Peru and part of ChileCHILE was first discovered in 1520 by a Portuguese navigator named Ferdinand Magellan, who sailed under the flag of Spain. It was not until 1536 that CHILE was explored by a Spaniard named Diego de Almagro. Almagro was an associate of Francisco Pizarro in the conquest of Peru. In 1540 a conquistador named Pedro de Valdivia made a second expedition into CHILE He arrived in CHILE in 1541 and claimed the land under the crown of Spain. He founded the city of Santiago in February of that year, and appointed a Cabildo (Council) of Conquistadores to control local affairs.II. COLONIAL RULEIn December of 1553, Valdivia set out for the fort of Concepcion to avenge the death of three soldiers, after word had reached him that the Indians had murdered them. He did not know the Indians had an ambush prepared for him. Valdivia was captured and executed, his entire army was also killed.The Spaniards eventually dominated CHILE During this period CHILE was a Captaincy General of Spain and supposedly governed from Peru, where Spain had a more important government because Peru was rich in Inca gold. In reality, because CHILE was farther away geographically, local affairs were controlled by a governor who commanded the army and each town had its own Cabildo (Council).CHILE had plenty of wars. The Indians refused to stay quiet. Until the mid 1700's, these wars against the Indians were payed for by Peru, which provided money to CHILE to maintain CHILE'S government in Santiago and an army on the frontier. CHILE was poor and dependent on its richer neighbor for wealth and security.III. INDEPENDENCEOne of the most important reasons for CHILE'S independence as well as other Latin American countries, was the emergence of a class of CRIOLLOS (Creoles). Creoles were American born Spaniards, who were different from the Iberians. They developed a desire for a self-government. The Criollos, then, began and supported a movement in order to gain independence from Spain. The Criollos had a lot of influence in the merchant class as well as in the upper class of CHILE. They resented Spain's trading system. For tax reasons, all trade with Spain had to pass through Panama by land to the...

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