Chile: The Land Where The Earth Ends

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Looking at Chile, many people are unaware of what this country has to offer. Chile has many resources that benefit the world such as all the trading along the coastline and all the natural resources that its forest and vast mountainous region has to offer. Its impossibly long structure defies geography making Chile’s land even more intriguing. From the northern regions to the most southern tip, Chile has various landmarks and coast line that can amaze anyone. The geography of this region varies along with climate and weather conditions. The geography of Chile stands the test of time and shows the depth to why people have lived there for centuries. Generations of different people have lived in Chile and made its history worth every minute. Not only does the geography have intrigue, the people, culture, and diversity, of this country complete the complex puzzle of this thin strip of South America.
Chile, a country located in South America with a long history, draws people in to learn about the intriguing past of this county. While the Incas and their vast army were exploring Chile and had passed through this region they came across a group called Mapuche. The Incas had met their match with this group and were unable to continue the journey but they were still able to portray a strong sense of control over the region they had conquered. In 1541, less than a century after the Incas had ruled parts of this region a Spaniard Pedro de Valdivia founded Santiago. Santiago is the capital of this country and is the birth place of culture and history in this region. His army pursued the Mapuche and placed strongholds there. Shortly after the Mapuche showed they were not afraid and beheaded him. The Spanish held their place and had control for the next four hundred years. Chileans won their independence from Spain in 1818 after traitorous years of war. Since that year, Chile has been under different government and gained rights they deserve as citizens. The president of this country is Sebastian Piñera, he has been in office since 2010 and has been able to keep peace with a republic approach. Citizens have a strong belief in their rights and President Piñera strives to help make sure they receive their rights.
Chileans are very friendly and willing to lend a hand to anyone in need. Their culture dates back to the first inhabitants of this narrow strip, the name of the country is derived from the Aymara meaning the land where the Earth ends. The terrain of this country is very rugged and is well matched with its nickname, yet the culture remains constant from north to south. This is partly caused by the migration of people but also by the simple fact that Chileans all speak the same variation of Spanish. Although Spanish is the national language some inhabitants also speak languages including: German, English, and some dialects of the first people who called this region home. Families are very traditional and religious for the most point. They have traditions...

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