Chilean Copper Mine Collapse Essay

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30 Miners were trapped in a mine for more then 2 months. In this paper I will analyze the audience and try to select the appropriate communication for the families as well as the employees of the company.

Knowing your Audience and Communication Release
On August 5, 2010, a gold and copper mine caved in trapping more then 30 miners. The collapse happened about 2,300 feet below the surface. They were trapped down there for 17 days before anyone was able to find out if they were still alive. They drilled a hole down into the cave that the miners had been trapped in to see if in fact anyone had survived the collapse.
The first communication for the miner’s families is done, most generally on a face to face communication before any names are released to the media. The police are usually the people that will deliver the message to the families. While the police are delivering the message they need to be sympathetic in nature. They need to understand that the families of the miners are going to be frantic and grief stricken.
The next form of communication would go out to the employees of the company. The owners of the company or relations are usually the ones who deliver this kind of message to fellow employees of the miners. The employees are also going to be saddened by the turn of events that has taken place. This form of communication would not be as sympathetic as it would to the family but empathic in nature. They would be encouraging that the miners in the collapse did happen to survive.
After the family and employees have been notified of the tragedy that has happen the names of the miner could then be released to the media.
Before any of the information goes out to the families or the employees first the company must determine who is in the mine, try and determine if there was any chance of survival from the collapse. When the authorities are notified of the incident they will need to have all of the information regarding the people that have been either trapped or killed in the collapse. They will not know the exact fate of the miners for another 17 days.
After the message as been sent out to the employees and the families of the miners the company and the authorities would keep the families of the miners up to date with any type of news that would surface from the investigation. They would allow the families to come to the accident site to see if there were any leads on the collapse.
Through the 17 days that no one knew the fate of the miners, the only things that people had to go on was hope. The owners/relations and the authorities should keep the information they receive in a positive manner for the employees and the families to give the hope they are still alive.
Most of the information that needs to be given to the families is either going to be through a face to face communication or through the phone. There is no need to the information to be sent out through an email or a letter. The information needs to come as soon as they...

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