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Hanging out at the beach is a popular weekend past time. And what better to compliment a relaxing at the beach than an ice-cold beverage. This is what we like to call chilling. The word easily flows off the tongue and even feels natural. However, chill actually has a different meaning in its normal context. Popular culture has changed the meaning of the word rather effectively. In fact, the new definition is used more frequently than its original definition. Chilling has really different connotations depending on the context, but the new definition has begun to overtake the older one.
The original definition of chill is related to temperature and the sensation of being cold according to Merriam Webster’s Online Dictionary. Some examples of this are a cold drink, a cool breeze, or even the shiver that is sent up your spine when you are afraid. The idea of getting a chill when you are afraid or when a sudden rush of cold air ...view middle of the document...

Hakuna Matata, as defined in the children’s film, means no worries for the rest of your days. Although you probably cannot chill for the rest of your days, it definitely means not worrying about those little things that get under your skin. And as the generation that grew up with The Lion King, we understand the pleasures of having a chill day, as it seemed so nice when we watched the movie. In addition to this, chill can also be used as an adjective. The definition is pretty much the same, as it means a relaxed or cool person. So people will say, “That guy’s pretty chill,” meaning that he’s a relaxed or cool guy. Again, the use of the word in this manner flows easily off the tongue. So chill has actually gained two new definitions while slowly losing another.
As our generation grows into adulthood, our lingo starts to take over the existing words’ meanings. Chill is a great example of this idea. From an already diverse word with multiple appropriate uses, the word has gained even more connotations, which even flow easier than using the word in its original form. Our generation has already manipulated and created a wide variety of words that are being spread across the nation. Our influence on our language is much greater than we realize, showing the expanse of what we as a group can accomplish. Within a few years, it is possible that we will all talk in abbreviations instead of full words. This one word has already integrated itself seamlessly into everyday language, which in turn has pushed the old definition out of our vocabularies.
Chill is a very versatile word in this day and age. With multiple meanings for the word, it can be used in a wide variety of ways. From cold, to scared, to relaxing, to cool, chill is so flexible in our vocabulary. However, you see it used as a synonym for cold less now and as relaxed more. The popular culture ideology has replaced our original idea of chilling with a new and improved definition. We have other words to replace the dying term, so the idea behind chill will not die, just be replaced with a new word in due time. So for now, kick back and chill out for a bit.

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