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The Importance Of Food Safety In China

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The Importance of Food Safety
Food safety was established to ensure the food we consume is properly cooked or maintained well. Food is an essential for surviving in all animals’ creation as well as humans. The government has set up programs and a department for food safety and inspection to make sure retailers are selling up to codes whether it be warm or cold edible food. It is unfortunate that some countries do not have to opportunity to learn about food safety. Food safety is very important because eating uncooked food can lead to being ill or food poisoning. For example, if chicken is not cooked properly, whoever eats it might get food poisoning so you have to be very careful of what you eat and what you cook. In order to control food safety, it should be managed by inspectors early on.
Recent Issue in China: Chinese street vendors reusing oil from gutter
Recently in China, there has been an issue about street vendors reusing cooking oil to cook food and serving them to buyers. The Chinese had been reusing their cooking oil by illegally filtering it. Once the oil is used, it is drained down to the gutter. People who sell reuse oil will only target the gutters. How is it possible to reuse? The process of developing the product is to scoop what is in the gutter (trash and water wasted along with the cooking oil) and take it to their illegal facility to filter it out and lastly resell the finishing product. After filtering the cooking oil, they will try to resell it to street vendors and maybe to restaurants even knowing the condition of the oil. Majority of the street vendor owners and some restaurants are willing to purchase the product because it is inexpensive. It will be used to cook the food in that particular restaurant. It has caused the majority of the people eating the food to become sick. Now they are trying to locate these groups of people because it is illegal to sell products you do not have labels on them. I believe China does have a strict policy about food safety but not everyone follows them.
Food Safety Incidents in China
China seems to have many incidents on food safety for the past few years. Not long ago Hexun Net conducted surveys in China about food safety. It shows that nearly 40% out of 613 individuals he interviewed are still concerned about food safety and they believe it is getting worse. Even implementing strong food safety laws and monitoring programs, some citizens are still concerned since China is a huge country with more than 20 billon population. Throughout 2004 to 2011, there were many incidents occurring like Tainted Milk Incident, Melamine Incident, Lean Meat Powder Incident, and the beef Extract Incident. In 2008, a major food incident that happened was Melamine Incident. Approximately 300,000 Chinese were affected by Melamine. It has cause people to have kidney urinary tract effects and including kidney stone. Milk and other food source containing milk products have Melamine. Due to lack of...

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