The Push And Pull Of Shanghai, China

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This essay will discuss the issue of migration. Migration is movement by humans from one place to another. There are two types of migration, it is immigration and emigration. Immigration is movement by people into the country and emigration is movement by humans, who want two leave countries voluntary or involuntary. Economic, religious, education social and problems are reasons of migration. Mankind often migrates to modern, rich, multicultural countries, towns with high economy and good standard of living such as Prague, Germany, London, Los-Angeles, New York and shanghai. I would like to draw on the city Shanghai.
Shanghai is one of the most cities with developed economy due to this many people come to the town to find work. During 1983 and 2000 years the number of migrant workers increased from 0.5 million people to 3.87 million people. A large percentage of migrant workers work on manufacturing (25.8%). 19.6% and 13.9% people earn money on construction and trade, respectively. In public organizations often work native citizens than immigrants. In the other spheres such as skilled work, transport of goods, rubbish collection the proportion is just below 10%. ( Of course there are good and bad sides of this.
Firstly, it is good for Shanghai because residents do not work on “low” jobs, consequently they will have more opportunities to high jobs. Furthermore “extra hands” never hurts on manufacturing and transport of goods. The town will always clear because here are a lot of janitors in city. Also the population is growing because of number of immigrants are increasing yearly.
On the other hand, if native citizens, who cannot work on high level forced to work on a “bad” work but employers will not take them, because to immigrants they pay less. Migrant workers’ income is not big and they cannot pay taxes due to this annually it negative impacts on Shanghai economy. Also, many variety nationalities...

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