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Although in the past the influence of the family in China was weakened due to Communist leaders, today it is the basic structure of Chinese society. The Chinese family has managed to survive the vast changes of the past quarter century. It still remains the basic social unit. China's population is extremely large, therefore it adopted the one - child - per - family policy( Ahmad,93). To enforce this policy the Government set up strict penalties and rewards. Families that insisted on having more than one child are fined and only receive small portions of food for their second child. The families that excepted it benefited greatly. They get wage increases, and a chance for a better more efficient life. The success of this policy varies in different areas. In the cities many families still only have one child. But for the farmers and peasants, more kids means extra labor so they often have more than one kid. In rural areas the traditional family consisted of the head of the household, his sons, and their wives and children, often all living under one roof. Land, the main form of wealth in traditional China, was divided equally among all the landowners surviving sons when he died. Living conditions for the average peasant are generally better today then they were in the past. There are more opportunities for education and greater security for the family as social unit. Marriage in China has also changed. Today there is a law that provides for the freedom of choice in marriages. This law also states that men and woman are equal, therefore a man can no longer dominate a woman. There are also no more arranged marriages. The elderly in China still hold their esteem, they are thought to be wise and have the best advice. Today, family members still get...

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1718 words - 7 pages Trade Club." Christian Science Monitor. March 31, 2000 Vol. 92 Issue 90,p10.Delay, Tom. "China-U.S. Trade Issues." July 17, 1998., Seth. "U.S. and China Reach Late Agreement On Textiles." New York Times.February 3, 1997. np"Market Access and Protocol Commitments." April 1999., Wayne M. "91121: China-U.S. Trade Issues

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