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China, A Growing Country Essay

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On 14 March 2011 the National People’s Congress had approved a new national development program for the five years. The plan makes a dramatic point in China’s infrastructure development. It will no longer have emphasis on headline growth; China is looking for higher quality in growth. China has raised the living standards for its large population in the past thirty years. With bringing up the living conditions for it peoples it also wants to focus on things such as intensive energy and pollution. To accomplish this higher quality growth, the Chinese government is looking to move its production facilities up in the chain to bring the difference between social and geographic groups and promote domestic consumption and, make more efficient use of the country’s resources (Infastructure in China, Sustaining quality Growth).
Since the year 2000 the Chinese highways and expressways have shown a high influx in construction. Most of their expansion is concentrated on the eastern side of the country; due to its higher population the Chinese have increased their construction by sixteen percent annually. It currently has the second largest growth with over 75,000 kilometers of highways and expressways. In addition, the Chinese focuses on the development of their railroad infrastructure, due to its high demand of commute and trying to reduce some of the amount of vehicles in the cities developing the metro system will help accommodate those demands. In 2011, between Shanghai and Beijing their metro system carried over two billions passengers, making it one of the top five metro systems in the world. Due to its accessibility to the China Sea, China has five major ports that support their imports and exports trades. In recent years those ports have seen a decline in activities due to major economic struggles that have faces many nations. In addition to its ports China has a vast number of airports with one hundred and eighty airports throughout its country. With both domestic and international traffic, the Chinese have focused in adding over 50 more airports to accommodate the increase of flight travel. It is estimated that over 670 million people have utilized the Chinese airports and is still increasing and it has the focus of their government to ensure the supply is there to accommodate (Infastructure in China, Sustaining quality Growth).
Taking their large population into consideration its water source has became a great concern to the country. China has over one hundred cities with a population over one million or more and it continues to grow drastically. China has limited and unevenly distributed water resources across the country and rainfall and water resources are primarily located in southern China, while there have been significant shortfalls in the north of China. Out of the 662 cities in China, more than 400 are suffering from water shortages, with 110 classified as severe (Infastructure in China, Sustaining quality Growth). Coal...

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