China And Its Views On Censorship Research Paper

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China and Censorship

The People's Republic of China, is widely in support of the censorship of the media within our
country. This is in order to uphold the proper morals of which we encompass. This censorship
includes a selection of different types of media which include; various religious texts, corrupting
political agendas and sexually explicit content.

As a nation we believe that the censorship of the media is done in ways that protect our citizens
and ensure that they do not have to encounter any malicious content while browsing the internet.
For example our strict rules on pornography or other videos depicting extreme violence can be
deemed inappropriate and thus we will aim to remove it. This not only allows todays adults to be
safe on the internet but protects the corrupting nature of the banned videos for the eyes of the
younger generation.

Let me also clarify that China's constitution allows its citizens freedom of speech and press (Article
35 of The Chinese Constitution), however deems some propaganda, for example articles that
supporting other forms of government such as anarchy or fake news such as the mistreatment of
minorities in China as largely damaging and thus seek to remove such things from the public eye.
Of course however if something comes in the way of social and economic growth surely it should
be well within its rights to contain the situation?

Furthermore The People's Republic of China believe that in order for our society to be fully
functioning we should have no circulations of documents that give opposing...

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