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China’s massive population increase has caused a rise in issues in their economy. Due to having so many people, the country has trouble providing for the needs of everyone. This has created what many consider one of the worst policies, the one child policy. To tell someone that it would be best to have one child is okay in most cases, especially when there are already a lot of people around, but having people lose benefits, or even their jobs, just because they have more than one child is full out wrong. Providing benefits is also wrong because it is only for select families, I think there should be other ways to get benefits if a family has more than one child.
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Many websites suggest having one parent act as if unemployed to make the process go faster. Along with that, a family will need up to sixteen signatures to legally get the birth certificate for their child. All of this has to be done within the nine months of the women being pregnant.
The one child policy also leads to many abortions in China, in fact, if a woman aborts a second child she may get something such as a paid vacation. The government rewards people for getting abortions. If that isn’t considered wrong, then I honestly don’t know what is. If a family wants a second or third child, they should be allowed to have one. No one should encourage someone to get an abortion, and no one should shun someone because of it either.
The graph below shows China's population compared to the U.S. What find interesting about China is they are ranked fourth in the world for land area with about 9596960 square kilometers of land. The U.S. has about 9629091 square kilometers of land. China also has about one-billion more people than the U.S. That makes China have about 138 people per...

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