China And The Invasion, Implications And Intervention Of The Korean War

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Max Hastings, an author of several novels dealing with numerous war events including The Korean War stated that, "[t]here is no evidence that China played a significant role in the North Korean decision to go to war. ". This paper will clash with Max Hastings' scholarly statement because the Chinese must have been intimately involved in the process of creating the Korean War in order to be able to defeat American, South Korean, and United Nations infantry en route to establishing a Chinese frontline south of Seoul and across the Han River by January of 1951 . A mere intervention by a poorly equipped Chinese army simply can not constitute their great accomplishment of pushing the "friendly forces" south of the 38th parallel. Thus, through exploring the Soviet influence on China's new Communist regime, identifying China's involvement in the plotting of the June 25th invasion, and by identifying China's position after the opposition imposes on North Korea's June 25th invasion, an understanding that China played a very important, intimate, and significant role in plotting and intervening in the Korean War can be established.Since China's defeat in the Opium Wars of 1842, China had searched for its dignity, self-respect, and scapegoat to supremacy for over one hundred years. China struggled to find their national and international political "niche" as well as a sense of where they belonged as a people in the world. On October 1, 1949 the Chinese question seemed to be solved as, "The Peoples Republic of China was formally inaugurated... and was officially recognized by the Soviet Union [as a Communist regime] the following day. ". On October 2, 1949 China embarked on a new era in their very colourful history. For the next three to four years, China and the Soviet Union would develop a very intimate diplomatic and military relationship because of numerous treaties and agreements. The new Chinese Communist regime seemingly engaged in these agreements and treaties quite often and very intimately as though they were united as one country with the Soviets. In Moscow on February 14, 1950, Mao Tse-Tung and Zhou Enlai signed "a treaty of friendship, alliance, and mutual assistance" with the Soviet Union; an agreement, pending on the successful signing of a peace treaty with Japan, that the Soviet Union would transfer the Manchurian railway free of charge to the Chinese government; an agreement to grant China up to three hundred million U.S. dollars of credit to obtain industrial, mining, and railway equipment form the Soviet Union .The Treaty of Friendship and alliance had numerous ramifications to link Chinese involvement in the Korean War. Article 4 of the Treaty states that Russia and China must, "consult each other in regard to all important international problems affecting the common interests of the Soviet Union and China, being guided by the interests of the consolidation of peace and universal security. ". In layman's terms, China or the Soviet Union...

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