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China Central Television Tower Essay

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CCTV Headquarters –Construction Process
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Literature Review
China Central Television Tower, one of the Beijing’s more modern wonders is said to be the tallest building by far in the city. CCTV observation deck lies at an outstanding 238 meters, with a 44 storey skyscraper within the central business district of Beijing, and has an antenna tailing for 405 metres (Ying, 2012). As stated from the name CCTV, it hosts the broadcasting equipment; moreover, it provides an observation deck that provides an incredible view of the Beijing city. The building is a three-dimensional loop cranked 234m tall with an unusual shape, made of two leaning towers that have a bent of 900 at the upper and lower sections forming tube that is continuous. CCTV construction was one the architectural challenges that was achieved by architects Ole Scheeren and Rem Koolhaas of OMA, since it was erected in a zone considered as seismic (Xue, 2006). The one and half building is built in three buildings then joined to form one and half structure named the CCTV, which has become the Economic hub in china in that it had to use highest labor for the accomplishment of the project by using 7000 trucks operating 24-hr schedule.
This mega structure is erected at the foot of east of Beijing third ring road, Guanghua road, china, which occupies a plot of approximately 20- hectares at the CBD of the china Chaoyang. Construction of the CCTV was part of the media park that was aimed at developing a public entertainment landscape for both production studios and shooting outdoors extension of the CBD (Keith, M., et al., 2013).

Figure 1: CCTV headquarters (Arup, 2010)

a. Economic
On completion of the construction, the building hosts all the administrative functions that relate to news, studios, programme production and broadcasting, which has enabled the broadcaster to reach another level in business in broadcasting to over 200 channels from the initial 16 channels. Expanding to 200 channels this would mean, the revenue generated from the broadcasting would increase by 1538% of what CCTV used to generate to the China’s economy. CCTV tower 1 hosts 10,000 workers go report CCTV headquarters underground network daily (Green, G.E. 2005). On the other hand tower 2 has conference facilities, large public theatre as well as exhibitions with 1500 seats, these luxurious features attracts more visitors to the building and hence contributing to about 30% revenue generation from the media sector. Bert, & Rusch, (2006) stated that the construction of CCTV was not only going to elevate the CCTV image but also create new leaf for the Chinese architecture.
Beijing terminal had over 50000 workers who were employed continuously during the entire construction period, which was an employment boost for china (Xuefei, 2011). As the Associated Press (2012) asserts, CCTV construction was a venture that...

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