China Ethics And The Environment Case Study

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China-Ethics and The Environment Case StudyAbstractAre We The Problem?"First of all, it is obvious when we examine the world's population problem that there are just too many Chinese" (Text, Year, p. 141). "At its founding in 1949 the People's Repulic of China had a population of 540 million" (IIASA, 2008, p.1). "Only three decades later its population was more than 800 million (IIASA, p. 1). "The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) estimates that as of July 2004, there were 1,298,847,624 people in China; that's about 20 million more than in India, the country whose population holds second place" (Text, p. 141). Another challenge is most of the people live in a small portion of the country, thus emphasizing the population problem. "Roughly 1 billion Chinese (or more than 90% of the population) live in only a little more than 30% of the country's land area" (IIASA, p. 1).In 1978, the Chinese government began "strongly encouraging young adults to marry late and to have only one child per family" (Text, Year, p. 141). This is the one-child policy and is not consistently enforced. However, there were benefits attached to signing the policy and it eventually began to show results in demographic trends (Text, Year, p. 141). "This policy has already been loosened for parents who were single children themselves, for farmers, and for ethnic minorities" (IIASA, 2008, p. 1). In the 1970's the world also began to notice potential population problems.There are many parties impacted by the growth problems of China. Primarily the Chinese. Despite the aforementioned benefits of adopting the one-child policy, there could be individuals who wish to have more than one child. When adopting the policy, the country created unintended consequences of a "preponderance of male births" (Text, Year, p. 142) and now that ultrasounds and abortions are easily accessible, there are more males than females. The country is now offering cash to couples to have girls. Other impacted groups within the country may include farmers and food resources and housing. All of these are impacted by population growth.Another group is the international community. The United Nations began addressing overpopulation in the 1970's and began involving women in the conversations (Text, p. 152). The conversation involved countries all over the world, including presidential administrations and the Roman Catholic Church. These groups discuss and consider food scarcity, abortion and contraception ideals as well as the country and world economies.Climate change/global warming will continue to be a problem for at least the next century. When asked the question, "Are we the problem" the answer is "yes". This has caused major environmental issues as well. If Humans do not find a solution in the very near future, the world will look very different and so will our lives.CO2 emissions have wrecked havoc on the environment. Each year the amount of CO2 emissions...

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