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China In The Media Essay

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Different regions and nation states of the world have diverse opinions on China and the United States. According to enquiries the attitude towards these two dominant countries is always fluid. The public point of view towards the two countries is majorly centered on reciprocated paybacks and the command of influence. It can be argued out that United States is predominantly popular with its associates as opposed to China that has no long term allies. This expounds China’s poor foreign policy as compared to the United States. This paper’s emphasis is on the display of China by media both in North America and in Europe. A number of newspaper articles have been prudently reviewed to deduct their ...view middle of the document...

Recently in (Associated Press, 2014) Russia and China signed up a mega pact in which China will trade gas from Russia. The reimbursement between these two republics is over and done with their local currency other than the customary United States dollar. This is comprehended as a footstep headed for destabilization of the United States dollar in order to undercut the strong suit of the United States.
In a critique in the New York Times by (Sengpta, 2014), China is portrayed as a barricade towards democracy when together with Russia they blocked referral of Syria to the International Criminal Court. This is seen as a desecration of its rights because for more than three years Syria has been pigeonholed by aerial bombardments of hospitals and schools, torture and beheadings. The New York Times displays that China is not being held responsible towards human rights safeguard.
The battle of power between China and United States has increased in the 21st century. The recent focus has been Eurasia. The recent collaboration between China and Russia is seen as a strategy to downplay the capability of United States. According to the Daily Mail Newspaper China and its Shanghai Cooperation Organization associates, are a resurgent power. According to the same newspaper China has not taken any chances to defend its Chinese national offshore oil corporation. This was demonstrated by amphibious ships packed with hundreds of helicopters, troops, hovercraft and missiles. Chinese intimidation of the outgunned Vietnam has extremely undermined security guarantee by United States to Manila, Tokyo and Seoul.
According to (Mann, 1999), China remains a remarkably despotic country politically despite the fact that there are aspects of economic transformation. This argument is centered on enquiries into political convicts such as Wei Jing sheng piloted by human rights groups. The journal displays China absolutely altered from its world image of interpretation.
United States mass media reportage of China has been unsolidified occasionally. Nevertheless, there is one affirmative trait in the reportage...

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