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China, The Boxer Rebels And Dissaproval Of Western Influence

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By the late 19th century, 60 years had passed from China’s loss in the Opium Wars and the Treaty of Nanking was passed that opened trade with Great Britain. This treaty held economic bond but also eventually begot many sociological pressures from the strong, Christian nation that did not go unseen by Chinese who were keen to resist any change from their already advanced culture.
Under a weak-governing body, an insurrectionists best method of retaliation against the influence of a strong foreign power was cohesive guerilla warfare. By 1898, Christian missionaries had already been setting laws that created such wide disparity between the Chinese converts and the rest that many Chinese sought different methods including rebellion to try and stop the segregation. The Boxers, a popular rebel group that used an ancient and spiritual form of self defence called martial arts to lead the Boxer Rebellion, served as guide to start a trench war against the ...view middle of the document...

” The Boxers’ target on the common enemy, which included many foreigners and Christians who tried to alter Chinese culture, allowed them to amalgamate into a large, united group and embrace a cultural alliance with each other. While the Boxer Rebellion brought many religiously conservative Chinese together, it also made many citizens break away from the 20th century Qing Dynasty whom most considered too feeble and ignorant to fight the battle against the Western influences. By 1895 China was already feeling a disparity in national pride after their loss of against Japan, a country who they’d always consider socially subpar compared to themselves, in a war that resulted in the loss of both Korea and Formosa. Rodney Parham, a writer for the Old Guv Legends, believes that China at this time was already sparking with rebellion after their ego hitting, large loss and looked at one figure to blame, the West.According to Mr. Parham, Europeans were already looked down upon: “It was believed that the Europeans were driving China’s domestic and foreign policy and that the situation was getting out of control. By the end of the Nineteenth Century, a strong sense of nationalism swept over China and many wanted to reclaim China for the Chinese. In 1898, these feelings boiled over into rebellion.”Citizens, after such a major loss to both Japan and the Western influence, looked up to the government for psychological aid but instead got the hand of the Boxer Rebels which not only helped them stand up but also served as a sign of security to hold onto. This was a turning point for many citizens that their government wasn’t as strong as they thought making the rebellion a pro-China cause. Thus this violent, guerilla warfare tactic, which proved to be effective as it barred many missionary and Christian living villages, became even more popular with anti-government. Although the Boxer Rebellion wasn’t successful in achieving its goal, the rebellion did show to the world that imperialism can destabilize a nation while at the same time encouraging cultural unities which impacts last forever.

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