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China Vs Poland Essay

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Comparison of: Political History and Development of Nursing Education between China and Poland
Chinese modern nursing started its evolution in the 1888 when the first formal hospital was opened in the town of Fuzhou, located in the Fujian province. Chinese medicine has been molded by numerous western initiatives from the missionary in the 19 century. Particularly, nursing schools and missionary hospitals, this comprised of 32% of the complete nursing population in the country. The American influence was profound since it was one of the principal in the region doing major investments. Individual teachers and nursing professional were the key players in the realization of the early ...view middle of the document...

The reforms were called for due to the significant development in the country during the second half of the 20th century. Conversely, the establishment of the European Economic Community forced more reforms into the nursing system in the country. The apprenticeship model was being faced out from the learning system.
Government and Nursing Organizations Influencing Nursing Education in comparison to China and Poland
Several organizations in the government provide assistance to the education modification process in China. These organizations deal with the registration of the nursing population and edification of the nursing population. The Chinese department of health is the policy maker in the medical organizations. At present, the Chinese nursing association (CNA) is the main governing body in the nursing education of the country. Moreover, the national nursing licensure examination is one of the required credentials that one needs before one is declared a nurse. The Traditional Chinese medicine is incorporated in the Chinese system in order to find the basic professional practice in the system. Alternatively, Ireland has the health department that gives the guidelines on the running of the Irish healthcare system. Apart from the government involvement, Irish nursing system does not have many organizations for nursing. The ‘Bord Altranais’ is the Irish nursing board that determines the nursing profession’s continuity in the country.
Current System of Nursing Education in comparison to China and Poland
The current situation in education of Chinese nurses is a result of the recognized disparity in the education provision of the country and other developed nations. The government is focused on the upgrade of the country’s education programs to lift the condition of the country’s education prospects. The current system lacks the maturity of the competence...

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