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Chinas Soft Power Undermining America Essay

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How are these threats handled by China currently and are these strategies working?

The ruling Communist party in China is very aware of the pitfalls and vulnerabilities of relying on natural resource imports to sustain the growth of its industrial sector and economy. Since the mid 1990’s China has been working on establishing an ambitious internationalization strategy through economic diplomacy and ‘charm offensive’, to build relationships with other nations to gain access to state resources. For the PRC ‘charm offensive’ or soft power strategy is, “using anything outside of the military and security realm, including not only popular culture and public diplomacy but also more coercive ...view middle of the document...

”14 In 2009 China spent US $18.2 billion on merger and acquisition deals in upstream oil and gas, accounting for 13 per cent of total oil and gas acquisitions, in 2010 this increased to US $29.39, approximately half of which was spent in Latin America.15 China is working on building relationships with other nations, especially those that are less friendly with America, with the goal of access to their resources, but also, in the event that a sea trade embargo is placed on China by the US, China will still have friends to trade with.

It is of critical importance to the Communist Chinese government to maintain domestic security and stability through maintaining regional stability. One of the ways China is helping to maintain stability is through its expression as a regional hegemony through deterrence of other nations. China’s foreign ministry recently summoned North Korea’s ambassador, Ji Jae Ryeong, in Beijing to warn against any further provocations.16 John Delury Assistant professor at Yonsei University in Seoul stated that the Chinese opposition to North Korean nuclear testing wasn’t just rhetoric that it signifies a tougher stance on North Korea from Chinese leadership.17 China is clearly further opposed to North Korean nuclear tests because it gives the US reason to set up navel forces in the South China Sea, near China’s territorial waters. Safe passage through the East and South China Seas are not totally controlled by China, and the looming presence of the US is providing a catalyst for the Chinese government to show its boldness and assentiveness as a regional controller. “The Chinese Government has designed an overarching strategy of power projection in the South China Sea, one that is aimed at securing critical resources and heralding the...

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