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Chinatown Analysis

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Chinatown, a 1970s film, is inspired by the Southern California water history (Valle). This film has many elements of film noir. Film noir, is a point-of-view, tone, mood, and style of a film created during World War II. It reflects the tensions and insecurities of a particular time period, usually showing the loss of innocence, bareness, and the paranoia of an event (“Film”). The criminal and greedy perspectives of the characters are clearly seen, like the character Noah Cross, reflecting society’s evils. Also there is no happy ending in Chinatown. For those viewers who don’t know the history of Southern California, this might just be another detective film, but it is more than that, it has ...view middle of the document...

However, at the end we see that she does care and love her daughter. Evelyn has been trying to keep her daughter away from her father who is also Katherine’s father/ grandfather.
Racial identities are also adapted in this film. Orientals and Latinos are seen in only low positions. Racism is seen all throughout the film. Due to their customs and language the film portrays them as out of place, in a dominant white population, they are portrayed as unknowable. A scene I remember is when Gittes makes a joke by saying “…you’re screwing like a Chinaman.” Scenes like the one mentioned build up to develop the significance of “Chinatown.” It is turned into a symbol of human corruption, disorder, and immorality where the law is meaningless. The Anglo population has power, wealth, and knowledge. However, the power they have is used to be corrupt and have power over the law and everything around them. The clear example of this is Noah Cross. Things that happen in Chinatown can be erased without the actual truth getting out to the public.
Another identity that can be seen is class. I believe this identity can be...

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