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Chinese And Chinese American Wedding Celebrations

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In today's society, Chinese wedding ceremonies have been woven into American wedding heritage. Many Chinese have adapted into American's society and changed their traditional practices into more modern ways. Therefore, marriage is an integral part of living and great pains are taken to ensure a good match and bountiful prosperity. This is why traditional Chinese weddings have many complex customs and ceremonies. They serve the important function of providing an auspicious start for the bridal couple.In the past, Chinese families enlisted the help of matchmakers to choose marriage partners. Couples also consulted fortune-tellers to see if their horoscopes were compatible and to choose ...view middle of the document...

Many of the Chinese couples prefer to do away with the engagement ceremony. Those who decide to have a formal engagement usually keep the ceremony simple. Rings are exchanged between the couple, and offerings are made to the ancestors to inform them of the happy event. Sometimes cakes are distributed to close relatives and friends, to replace the traditional practice of giving "peanut candy" which symbolizes "happiness."However, both Chinese and Chinese Americans still exchange gifts for the wedding. This process is called Nacai. Traditionally it takes place a few days before the wedding. On the selected day, the groom sends a variety of gifts to the house of his wife-to-be. The gifts may include: red packets containing some cash, two pairs of long red candles with symbols of the phoenix (representing the bride) on one set and a pair of dragon symbols (representing the groom), one or more pieces of gold jewelry for the bride, pig's trotters, spirits in the form of brandy, cake or sweetmeats wrapped in red paper, chickens, bridal gown, and fruits (oranges or sugarcane). These gifts are laid out on a red tray and delivered to the bride's home by a senior relative. The bride's family is not expected to keep all the gifts and will also return six gifts back to the groom. These gifts include: a red packet containing a part of the cash sent by the groom, a pair of long red candles, a gold ring, fruits, fruit cordial, half pig's trotters, and some of the cakes sent by the groom.Traditionally, most Chinese celebrate the wedding on the eighth month of the lunar calendar. This is the time of year when "the moon is at its fullest and the flowers at their best." If the co best man to retrieve the bride from her home. Upon his arrival, the younger brother of the bride will welcome his arrival by opening the door of the bridal car. For this he is rewarded with a red envelope from the bridegroom. On reaching the house, the door is usually locked to prevent his admission. This is usually done by the girlfriends of the bride, who will refuse to open the door unless he gives them a red envelope with a specific amount of money. It is usually $99.99 because the Chinese believed the great number of nines signify a long and lasting marriage. Upon the arrival, the bride is expected to be fully dressed in her wedding gown by the time of the groom's arrival. The bridal veil is placed on the head by the girl's father. This simple ritual marks the bride's attainment of adulthood.On the other hand, Chinese Americans don't really concern themselves with who would place the veil on the bride. They just want to be more simple and modern.For the Chinese or Chinese American (depending on the couples preference if they want to celebrate it or not), when the bride leaves her home with the groom she is normally accompanied by a bride's maid and other girlfriends. Some of the relatives will go to the to represent the bride's family. When...

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