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Essay Circles of Reflection The Carter Collection of Chinese Bronze Mirrors By James McRae I was looking for building 125 east 65th street, hoping that I would soon find any building looking like a museum. Finally, I came upon a building that looks like a rich brownstone in mid-Manhattan. I checked the address to make sure that my eyes were seeing correctly, and for sure, it was the correct place.I had to walk up a small flight of stairs and pass through a doorway that was open. I only went a couple more feet before a second door that was lock stopped me. There was a white flat small oval elevator type button located next to the door. Pushing the button expecting someone to come to the door, a semi-loud buzzing noise came from the door. Turning the doorknob, I went inside the China Institute Gallery.Straight in front of my eye view were two young Asian girls sitting behind what seem like a gift counter. I asked them where was the Chinese exhibition of mirrors. They told me that it was in two rooms, which flanked me on my right and left side. The glass doors that lead into the two rooms were smoked color so that you could not see clearly into the rooms. Turning to the door on the left, which was the nearest door when you entered the building. Now, my first thought, mind you was that I was going to see a bunch of glass mirrors, and already I had pertained the thought of how could this exhibition be called an art show? Well, when I open the door was I surprised, for at first glance I thought I had just entered a music museum with gold plated albums? "Where was the glass mirrors!" was the first thing that popped in my mind. I looked around the room at all the encase circle looking objects. This room was not a big room in any shape of form. There were no Statues or any other shapes to offset the concentric shapes. The mirrors hanged almost symmetrically around the room's purple Walls. The purple color gave the room an awe of royalty. It was a carpeted room with just the proper dash of light that was neither too bright nor too dark. In this room a lovely Asian woman, who I later learned was American Chinese, greeted me. She sat at a reception desk that flanked your left when you entered the room. The desk contained pamphlets of the current exhibition and future events coming to the gallery, and Critique forms that she asked us to fill out later when I finished viewing the exhibition. She gave me one of the pamphlet entitled "Circles of Reflection" to help me learn about the collection. Although there was no tour guide available, she was very nice and she gave me an introduction, about the collection. From the receptionist I learned that the early Chinese mirrors were not made from glass but from bronze, and that this collection of mirrors was about 2000 years old. She explained that the pamphlet was very well written and fully of information. Therefore, before continuing to explore the museum, I started...

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804 words - 4 pages substantial impact on the Chinese. Quickly many Chinese began to convert to the new religion that was brought into china. In fact, Buddhism would become a central aspect to culture of the Chinese. Buddhism had a great impact on the Chinese, philosophers, and Chinese emperors. Additionally, Buddhism had a great influence on Chinese art, and Buddhism was the greatest foreign influence on the artwork of the Chinese. Chinese artist would mix their

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1552 words - 6 pages . In Mai Mai Sze’s “The Way of Chinese Painting,” 1959, New York: Vintage Books, Random House, Sze discusses the philosophy known as Daoism/Tao, or “the way.” Before one became a skilled painter, one trained in the personal disciplines of poetry, art, calligraphy, and internal reflection/achievement. Only after reaching this internal state of tranquility between brushstrokes and idea (ie. symbolism) could one begin the next journey to achieve a

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603 words - 2 pages Chinese music is described as a unique form of art. Even today, the Modern Chinese music has a Western Modern Music style. The music has it's own characteristics and is very much distinct. History Chinese music dates back to 1000 BC. A man named Ling Lun created the first of the musical instruments in China. Ling Lun developed a set of 60 bells. From these bells, he created a mathematical method for creating pitch pipes to tune the bells

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1076 words - 5 pages art and the direct ancestor of all the graphic arts of China, for the writing brush has also been the brush of the artist. Whatever the drawbacks of the characters for mass education, people in China still appreciate their aesthetic, if not their magical, values. According to the book “ The Beauty Of Chinese Calligraphy” written by Chiang Hsun, said that Chinese characters, which started from “point”, extend by “line” can show the beauty of its

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521 words - 2 pages You would never imagine that the beautiful Chinese Calligraphy used and created by the Chinese is a principle of writing. It is actually a non-phonetic alphabet made of twenty-six letters and sounds that are used as a traditional form of art and a way of knowing for these people. However, these letters actually are meanings of adjectives and/or verbs that make up 3200 characters of this skillful art. During Wednesday's co-curricular event, a

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1147 words - 5 pages similarities and fused them. There were other instances though where the Jesuits made efforts to blend in with Chinese culture. For example they disapproved of many of the Chinese customs, but let some slide for the sake of agreement. They also translated important English and Spanish works into Chinese as well. Another technique for converting the Chinese was the use of visual art. The European missions brought art from their home countries

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5106 words - 21 pages . And the main forms of it includes She Xi, Yang Ge and Nuo Xi. It ? ? 3 ? was not until the Jin dynasty that it began to form a more complete opera art. But the prototype for Chinese opera actually appeared in the Song dynasty about eight hundred years ago????????? Chinese Opera has gone through a very long period of development and reform. In the late Song Dynasty (960-1279 A.D.) and the early Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368 A. D.), Chinese Opera from

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